Chocolate Festival- Girls’ Night Out

I know I’m way behind in posts, so I dumped all my iPhone pictures onto Flickr and will start with the most recent things and see how far back I made it.

Ladies' Night- Chocolate Festival

Last night, I went out with 2 girlfriends (Tonya and Anastasia) both still somewhat new to the area from KY and TN. Our original intention to get together was for Harvard Square’s Chocolate Festival.

We all love chocolate, who doesn’t- but we didn’t make it for an official event, but still wanted to get together and see if I could get to one of places taking part in the event.

Tonya and I met at Tory Row, on Brattle Street in Harvard Square, named after the Brattle Street in London. According to their website, they offer “an eclectic range of euro American food and traditional drink.” I’ve been meaning to go for their brunch, but they have a good mix of American food, plus a few items that remind me of Europe- a croque monsieur anyone?

While waiting for Anastasia, Tonya and I were trying to think of places for dinner- using our iPhones, we scoured different websites and came up with a list of a few places, including Sandrines and First Printer (which just opened or is opening soon- they were having a private event when we walked by).

We ended up going to the first place that Tonya and I had dinner in Cambridge back last February and it’s my favorite Thai place. It’s called 9 Tastes. It’s nothing fancy and in the basement level on JFK Street, near Winthrop Street. It’s always full of Harvard students.

I’ve been 4 times and had take out too. I normally get the Pad thai (Rice noodles stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, Thai turnips, and scallions topped with ground peanuts- with chicken and shrimp).

Tonya got the new Avocado Curry (the picture came out a little more yellow than actual, but the plate had a star shaped bowl cut in it.

Ladies' Night- Chocolate Festival

I didn’t take a picture of my Pad Thai, but I found a picture of the crispy pad thai that I got last month:


Here’s a picture of Anastasia’s Drunken Noodles (Stir-fried wide rice noodles with assorted vegetables and egg in spicy Thai basil sauce with Chicken):


After that, we went to L.A. Burdick Chocolate Shop on Brattle Street. I had stopped in the shop before to take some pictures for Audrey at Boston Food Finds.

It seemed like a really neat place and I definately wanted to go back because their hot chocolate is supposed to be the best! They import chocolate from France, Switzerland, and Venezuela

Harvard Square

See the corded rope? That’s because the line goes out the door sometimes!

Here’s the inside.
Harvard Square

They have a dozen or so tiny tables:

Harvard Square

Their packages are very cute:
Harvard Square

I spotted some chocolate mice and penguins that I may go back and purchase for Valentine’s Day!

They were packed and had lots of help on hand for the Chocolate Festival:
Ladies' Night- Chocolate Festival

Anastasia and I waiting for our sweets:

Here’s the drink menu. I got the dark chocolate hot chocolate- definitely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The cup sizes are small, but you don’t need a big cup because it is so rich!!

Ladies' Night- Chocolate Festival

Here’s the pastry menu and they also have a large assortment of teas.

I got a chocolate Luxembourger (French Macarons). It was a hand-piped tender meringue filled with all-natural flavored chocolate buttercream:

Ladies' Night- Chocolate Festival

Tonya got the Chocolate-Lemon Cake (Lemon cake with lemon cream and dark chocolate glaze) and Anastasia got the mocha cake (Espresso soaked biscuit layered with a coffee butter cream, glazed with chocolate)


It was a great evening with the girls!! Hope to do it again soon! And get more hot chocolate.



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