A few of my favorite things

I was looking at some pictures from last Friday and Saturday- and realized that they were of a few of my favorite things!

1) Chinatown
Friday night, we went to Chinatown. I love Boston’s Chinatown. There are a few T stops nearby: Chinatown and Downtown Crossing.

There are many Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, including a few of my favorites:

Xinh Xihn


Pho Pasteur– This is where we went Friday night. The fresh spring rolls on the left and fried egg rolls on the right.


Pho Hoa is the other place that we’ve been to several times.


And another place, but I can’t remember the name- sorry!

The service at most of these places isn’t great, but the food is!

2) Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years. I average about 1 session per week, sometimes once or twice – and rarely 3 times or none. I started it after I started running as something I did the day before or the day after a long run when I was training for my first half marathon. The YMCA in Cambridge has about 8 classes a week, so there are several to choose from. I love all of their sessions.

I don’t make it to their Saturday morning classes very often, but I did this past Saturday for Forrest yoga and it was awesome. I love it when I break a sweat and am a little sore afterward.  Here’s the forrest yoga description: focuses on getting connected to the core through invigorating asanas and conscious breath work. Classes are carefully constructed to loosen tension, strengthen muscles and open up new space in joints to explore the edges of flexibility. Students are encouraged to work within their limits, play with their physical and emotional edges and leave class feeling strong and centered.

3) Mass Ave Diner– It’s a greasy spoon place, but it’s just down the street, not even a block away. We didn’t try it for months when we moved here, but they closed and re-opened. I had tried iced coffee and fruit smoothies there, but Benjamin tried their breakfast sandwiches a few months ago and we’ve been hooked ever since.


And those were a few of my favorite things- all happened last Friday through brunch on Saturday.



  1. Hi, It all looks good except the top picture. That little green think on the bottom right looks just like those little tobacco worms we used to have to pick off the leaves. ha ha
    Hope you all are doing great. Love you.


  2. what a great blog. I really enjoy hearing and reading about what you especially like – and the food looked great. so much variety and beautifully presented. I didn’t know you enjoyed yoga. Good for you. Hugs


  3. Enjoyed hearing about your favorite things–I LOVE Chinese food too!! And you and Erica will have a lot to talk about when she returns from Hawaii regarding Yoga. I’m glad you both have found a restaurant/greasy spoon so close to home. That’s great!!!
    Take care, hugs


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