Took the day off to go skiing at Mount Sunapee


Last Wednesday, I took the day off work and went to Mount Sunapee with my friend Julienne. She’s an awesome snowboarder! And I’m a beginner skier- you’ll see later.

We left Cambridge around 8am and drove into New Hampshire. About an hour later, we started getting hungry and we ended up finding Cathy’s Kitchen in Contoocook, NH. It was a tiny little place and it was perfect.


I got french toast, eggs, and bacon. Jules got the eggs benedict. Looks gross to me, but she said it was wonderful!

About 30 minutes later, we arrived at Mount Sunapee. We were curious as to what it meant, so I looked it up and found out that the town, lake, and mountain all share the name (Sunapee) which comes from the Algonquian Indian words “suna” meaning “goose” and “apee”, meaning “lake”. It was called the area “Lake of the Wild Goose” because it is shaped like a goose, with the beak being in Sunapee Harbor.

Now, I’ve only been skiing about 5 times over the last 5 years- so I’m still a beginner. A lot of the people here have been skiing or snowboarding since they could ride a bike. I also saw a few kids that barely looked 3.

There are several weekday deals and with Jules’ work schedule, we went on a Wednesday for 2-for-1. Monday is called Magic Monday where you can ski/ride for $39 and Tuesday is Ladies’ Day where we can ski/ride all day and have a lunch buffer for $49. So I’m thinking we might be back!!


Here’s the trail map

On the right hand side, see the G lift? That’s the lift I used 5 times in the morning. I stuck to the green ones. Those are the easiest ones.

It was very quiet and I had a lot of the slopes to myself:

Here are the signs to tell you which way to each run:

Looking across to the other side-


Jules mainly sticks to the Blue and Black runs, but wanted to go down a Green with me to begin, so we did that. Then we split apart for about 75 minutes and joined back up for a break.

HA! No pun intended. I had done well and not fallen. But the last time off the lift (the chair thing that brings you up), my ski poles got stuck and bent!!!! I was so embarrassed. I think only the lift operator saw it, but still. I decided to try to bend it back and then it broke!!! I skied down with 2 broken pieces in the left hand and a bent pole in the other. Talk about embarrassing. I took it back to the rental place during our break and they gave me another set. Whew, I was so glad to have that over with!!

Here’s a video that Jules took of me skiing while she was snowboarding- crazy! And this was right after breaking/bending my poles:

While taking a break and Jules getting her board worked on, we looked at the trail map and I wanted to try a Green route on the other side where all the scary trails were. It basically went horizontal across the mountain, and then reached the edge and went down- and connected with the Green on the right side.


She had extra goggles and a helmet for me!


This was after I got new poles.


There was an area that people were doing timed runs and these people were flying down the Black Diamonds- like something you see on the Olympics.

I crashed/fell a few times, but nothing major! My shoulders were sore the next day and my left hip was a little sore where I landed once- but we had a fun time and I’m thinking that we’ll be going back again!



  1. I thought you skied (sp?) very well. Loved the ‘S’ motions.
    And, someday you should try eggs benedict. I learned to hard boil eggs, make a white sauce, add the eggs cut up (except for some egg yoke to grate and add as a garnish) and then put it over toast. It’s really very good that way. (and, of course, I haven’t made it in years)
    I hope you go back to the ski slopes–it looks very interesting and invigorating.
    Take care, lots of hugs,
    PS: Went back to the eye surgeon–doing great, go back in a week for follow up.


  2. I believe I just now recieved this. What an awesome place. You are great. I only went skiing once in Mich. I was such a coward.


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