Gronking up for the Super Bowl

Harvard Square

Ok, unless you follow the Patriots- you wouldn’t get that. But the Super Bowl is today!! And the New York England Patriots are playing the NY Giants- major rivalry!

I took this picture yesterday outside of Mr. Bartley’s Burgers. It was in the high 30’s- that’s how much they hate New York:
Harvard Square

The Gronk I am referring to is the New England Tight End Rob Gronkowski. He injured his ankle in the last game two weeks ago, so it’s going to be interesting what he can and can’t do today! He became one of my favorite players this season, along with Tom Brady (the quarterback) and Deion Branch (a former Louisville football player).

I took some pictures yesterday while at Harvard Square:
Harvard Square

Merchandise inside Sweet Spot:
Harvard Square

I’m getting together with the girls in South Boston to watch the game. Two weeks ago, they came to my neighborhood to watch and we got the biggest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen.

That’s not a scoop of ice cream- but sour cream:

We went to a pre-season game back in September, here’s a link to the pictures.

Go Pats!


  1. Even our church got into the game – serving hot dogs with trimmings plus canned soft drinks before the service. And most wearing jerseys. Crazy. Hugs


  2. I”m really sorry about the Patriots losing. Very good game though!! Loved the plate of Nachos–WOW!!!! That had to taste WONDERFUL!!!!!!


  3. Great meeting you, Erica! Your website is great! I look forward to reading more of your posts and let’s plan a day to go to a tasting and hang out. I’ll keep my eye out for some good food/drink events.

    (by the way, Google is having an event on Wednesday, February 22 for National Margarita Day at Poe’s Kitchen)


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