Some Like It Hot Chili Cook-Off

On Sunday afternoon, I walked to Harvard Square’s 4th Annual Some Like It Hot Chili Cook-Off contest!

A big crowd had formed and I saw a line, so I got into it. I wasn’t sure if it was for the whole event or just one table, so I asked the girls in front of me and it was for JP Licks. That’s a local ice cream chain.
Harvard Square

You’re looking at Chocolate Chili ice cream- yes, it was spicy. It caught me off guard and I started coughing! I couldn’t finish it. Kind of sad!

I then tried Grafton Street’s chili. Grafton Street is a place not too far from us and I’ve been for brunch and stopped by for a Halloween party.
Harvard Square

They included a small piece of corn bread:
Harvard Square

Next was Savenor’s Cincy-style chili with Buffalo:
Harvard Square

Harvard Square

I also tried Crema’s Cafe’s chili with sweet potatoes- it was different!
Harvard Square

Russell House Tavern’s BBQ Pit Smoked ChiliHarvard Square

Harvard Square

They definitely knew what they were doing:
Harvard Square

And were asking for votes:
Harvard Square

The voting process:
Harvard Square

Grab a ballot and then drop it off at the tent:
Harvard Square

Entertain provided by Afro Brazil:Harvard Square

Now, I only tried 4 out of the 9 entries, but I still picked the winner: Russell House Tavern!

The aftermath:
Harvard Square



  1. I’ve never heard of such a thing!!!! Wish we had it here!!!! I cannot imagine chili ice cream–I probably would not have even tried it. YUCK!!!

    Sorry, that wasn’t nice. Years ago, Patsy had the family over for a chili supper (or lunch). Everything was separate-beans, onions, hot sauce etc etc etc. That was nice.

    Boston is certainly an interesting town!!! I’m glad you visit all these neat stores!!!


  2. Makes me hungry for chili – who would believe there were so many different kinds – kind of like meatloaf. Looks like fun and chili is a special winter treat. Hugs


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