Dinner with the Boston Bruchers at Maximos

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to have dinner out with the Boston Brunchers at Maximo’s in Watertown.

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

I took a short bus ride from Harvard Square and arrived right outside of Maximo’s.
Boston Brunchers at Maximos

Maximo’s is owned by the Zeller’s- a Watertown family- Betsy and Phil. Betsy was our host for the evening, and Phil is the mastermind and chef behind the restaurant.

Maximo’s goal is to provide healthier (and fun) options for takeout or delivery. They had a few tables set up for us but I think that they probably always have a few tables available for customers.

Our menu for the evening:
Boston Brunchers at Maximos

First course: roasted tomato bruschetta- very good. I had 2 servings- and I should have saved room for the rest of the meal!

Boston Brunchers at Maximos


The Turkey Burger- Ground turkey mixed with tabouleh, goat cheese, Maximo’s special spice blend.

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

I’ve not had a turkey burger before but it was delicious. Someone commented on how moist it was and it was true. We had a side of roasted potatoes.

Phil and Betsy:
Boston Brunchers at Maximos

Next up was the Grilled Steak and Onion Salad- Mixed greens, char broiled hangar steak, grilled red onion, goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, & chimichurri sauce.

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

My camera picked up the green really well. The sauce was awesome and I think was Phil’s father’s recipe.

We got to meet Phil’s parents, along with Max, Phil and Betsy’s son- as they stopped in later. Max’s name is the inspiration for the first part of the name of the restaurant- and the Mo is for Phil’s daughter.

Here is Betsy and Max. Max was so adorable!

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

Next was my favorite course- Slammin’ BLT- Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, fried egg, & mayo.

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

Yes, I ate a fried egg AND it was good. The roasted corn and black bean was wonderful!!

The final dish arrived and I was so full by now. Now I’m not a seafood person, but I was glad to get to try the grilled tuna. It’s not something that I would normally get, but it was good.  The southwest quinoa was fab!

Boston Brunchers at Maximos

Their menu ranges from salads to chicken sandwiches to burritos to burgers. This is a great place to order out from. I heard them say that they deliver to Watertown, Belmont, and West Cambridge- so keep them in mind!

I have a friend in Watertown that immediately popped in my mind as someone that I would give the menu to. I went over to her house last night and was so excited to tell her about it. We ended up calling Maximo’s, ordering a salad and burittos, and watched some basketball games with the kids!

Note: This dinner was provided to me free from Mamixo’s, but all of the opinions expressed here are mine.



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