It’s Derby Day in Boston

Yes, it’s Derby Day- in Boston!
Metro Louisville InfoSec 2009

I’m sharing some pictures from Churchill Downs from a conference (not derby) in 2009.
Metro Louisville InfoSec 2009

Since it also is on Cinco de Mayo, there are some joint events going on. This town likes an excuse to party. Here’s how I find out about things going on: twitter, Eventbrite, Google Boston.

An example is Sara from!/BriteBoston/status/198430042609553408

I’ve found a listing of Kentucky Derby viewing places in town, so there are several to pick from.

And……. for your viewing pleasure, here’s my only celeb picture. It’s from the 2007 Derby. It’s Jason Lewis from Sex in the City. I give you permission to drool, he’s worth it!



  1. Did you go to the 2007 Derby? Sometimes I feel so lame b/c I’ve never gone, and I’ve lived next to Churchill most of my life!


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