Derby Viewing Party at Back Bay Social Club

Last Saturday (the first Saturday in May) was the Kentucky Derby. There were several events going on in Boston, but I decided weeks ago to attend the Back Bay Social Club viewing party.

Derby 2012

It was in the lower level of the BBSC. It was my first time there. The room was already pretty crowded with lots of ladies in hats. Pam and I forwent the dressing up- it was a chilly day in Boston.

Derby 2012

There were some gentlemen taking part in the dressing up:
Derby 2012

They served sweet tea and also had appropriate appetizers:
Derby 2012

Cucumber sandwiches, cheese and crackers, country ham on a biscuit:
Derby 2012

Our bartender was even dressed up:

Derby 2012

I ordered my first Mint Julep:
Derby 2012

The ingredients of a mint julep: mint leaf, bourbon, sugar, water, and ice. The first few sips were strong, but then you slowly sipped as the ice melted and it turned into a pretty nice drink. It was even served in the official glass.

Derby 2012

Waiting for it to start:
Derby 2012

Hats got into the way:
Derby 2012

My horse came in 2nd, but Pam’s from the outside and beat me:
Derby 2012

It was a little bummed that it was so dark and loud in the place. They were blasting music until the actual start of the race. I was hoping to talk to a few people and find out if there were any other Kentuckians there.

Thanks to the Back Bay Social Club for hosting the party!



  1. I’m so glad you’re using ‘Boston Rookie’ again. I LOVE seeing and hearing about the wonderful stuff you do during your off time at work.
    Congrats on winning second place at the Derby!!!


  2. You always wonder if others really pay attention to the Derby. I think it’s great – and a nice reason for a party. Hugs


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