A rainy weekend in Boston

It was a rainy weekend in Boston and rain is still in the forecast.


Even with that, I didn’t let that stop me from having an action packed weekend.

It started off with brunch from Helen’s in Concord, just a few minutes drive from Cambridge


It was a cute place and I want to go back. Look at the desserts!


After that, I went with a friend to look at bikes because I want one! We’re still looking!

Then I had dinner with my friend Tonya at Moska


Our food



The menu


Then we went to a new place called Brick and Mortar for cocktails. Everyone has been raving about it and I now agree!


Tonya had the Corn and Oil while I had the Temporary Fix. We both loved ours!
The glasses were chilled and the ice was perfect! They really know how to make a drink!


That was just Saturday!


3 thoughts on “A rainy weekend in Boston

  1. wanda

    Hi, All the food looked really great,well,,,,,,but what ever that was that looked like it had eyes. Must have been raw oysters. Any way, sounds like a great week end.


  2. Soni

    I loved the food!!!! I must be hungry (no, I’m not hungry but that food looked WONDERFUL!!!!)
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us too.


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