An update on life

Since blogging last, a WHOLE lot has gone on. Where to even start? The big ones were turning 30 and switching jobs.


I’ll start with my job. I decided that I wanted to stay here in the Boston area and that meant getting a job here.

I got an offer mid-July and resigned from the employer I had been with since graduating- almost 7 years. I decided to take 2 weeks off between jobs. The first week being my birthday week (more later) and then taking a mini vacation out of the city.


Yes, I turned 30! No big deal! Last year, I had made a list of 30 things that I wanted to do before my 30th birthday (thanks Lynn for the idea). I had a few things left including going to the The Top of the Hub for cocktails- so I decided that I wanted to do that with my girlfriends after having dinner.


I did some pampering/spa things also during my birthday week, along with a friend taking me to the North End for dinner on my birthday and doing some sightseeing.


Last week, I went on a mini vacation with a friend to Cape Cod for a few days …


and then to the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City, where my friend grew up.


I started my new job this week. Having to commute on public transportation is quite a change from working remotely. On an average day, it’s 45-50 minutes from door to door. Right now, I walk a block away, catch the bus (I have an app on my phone that tells how many minutes away the bus is), stay on it for 5 minutes, walk across the street and catch the train for a 20 minute ride, then take the escalator up and catch a bus for another 15 minutes and it drops me off in front of my building. I’ll be moving in 2 weeks (more later) and so the first bus ride will change but everything else will be the same.

On to the job itself! I’m called a Solutions Architect. It’s a business analyst role but somewhat more technical and very database centric. It’s with a small technology marketing company near the waterfront and harbor.


In two weeks I move!!! I’m excited about this! It’s about 2 miles from where I am now but a much quieter neighborhood, on a major bus route, bigger and nicer, and with roommates more my age.

I’ve still been running and biking- and going to restaurants and events (so I have a back log of entries to do but I wanted and needed to do an update post like this)!

Happy Friday!




  1. Congrats on everything! This is such an exciting time for you! I just started a public transportation commute to work. It takes a lot of getting used to…but there is something fun about it. I’m sure the novelty will wear off for me soon 🙂


  2. This is great. And you look wonderful. The commute is yuck but you will manage. What a pretty view from the office window. Hugs.


  3. Love the colorful clothes!!!!! You look really wonderful!!!! Sorry about your commute but . . . such is life sometimes. You have a fantastic bunch of friends and that GREAT!!!
    Thanks for keeping us informed what’s going on in your life (I love hearing all the great things you do!!!)
    Take care,


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