Brunching at M3

Two weeks ago, I went to brunch at M3. Yes, two weeks ago, but I am still thinking about it! Was it the pomegranate mimosa, blueberry pancakes, chicken and waffles, or the chocolate covered bacon?!?!


Let’s start with the watermelon salad and pomegranate mimosa. We got a sampling of the watermelon salad which consisted of red and yellow watermelon, plus cucumbers and salt and pepper with mint, and goat cheese on top.


M3 puts a Southern twist on everything – the food, drinks, and deco. Read more here.

I loved the salt and pepper shakers, and chalk on the table. Our tables were made of chalkboard material so you could write notes.

M3 seats around 30 and includes 9 bar stools at the counter where you can see into the kitchen.


I loved the ceiling tiles and also jar light pendants:


Next was the plate of pickled vegetables.


Then my first scotch eggs. YUM!


These were quail eggs, wrapped in sausage and then deep fried.


Next were the chicken biscuits with gravy.

We started to slow down a bit:

The chicken and waffles came out next. I had been wanting to try these too!

My serving. With Apple butter and cherries:

Blueberry pancakes:

And then this came out and we squealed!

Cinnamon bran crunch french toast with chocolate covered bacon

Look at this!!!

I had such a wonderful brunch! I’ll be back, for sure!

Note: This meal was provided to me free, but all of the opinions expressed here are mine.


5 thoughts on “Brunching at M3

  1. pam

    Wow! Chocolate covered bacon sounds so good. The food all looked yummy. I don’t care for watermelon, but I would have to try the salad. How wonderful that you were able to get in this food tasting club. Free is wonderful.


  2. Soni

    I’d heard about chocolate covered bacon — it sounded gross, but I have to admit, yours looked WONDERFUL!! How did it taste? I’m really courious.
    Everything looked great too, Since you’re ready to go back there, I’m sure it was fabulous!!!!
    Take care,


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