Office birthday cake

So we celebrated someone’s birthday in the office for the first time since I joined 6 weeks ago (I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks).


At approximately 2pm, I get a meeting invite for 4pm. Note was something like- it’s Jenny’s birthday today. Let’s mosey on over to the kitchen area a little before 4 and when everyone is over there, I’ll grab her and take her over there!

It worked- she thought he had something to talk to her about! And she was a little surprised.

We had 2 cakes- strawberry shortcake and then a chocolate and raspberry cake with coffee flavored ice cream. They look small in the picture but they were really tall!

I wanted to try both! A dilemma! Still being new, I didn’t want to let them know my weakness for cake but I did it- I asked for a SMALL slice of both! The embarrassment! Oh well, they should
get used to my sweet tooth!

What type of office cake eater are you?
Do you skip it? Still hang out and watch others eat? Get a small slice? Get the biggest slice they will cut?



  1. I was like you, regarding the office cake eaters. I’d have a small piece of each (since they looked so wonderful). And if they have fruit, I’d always have that too. Yum!!


  2. I would have had a small slice of each till I realized that coffee flavored ice cream was in the one. What a shame. I love chocolate & raspberry. Have a fabulous weekend.


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