A perfect fall weekend

It was a great weekend and a long weekend too. At my new job, Columbus Day was a holiday- so I had a 3 day weekend! So nice!

It was a fun-filled fall weekend. It stated off by volunteering at the Brewfest Event after work on Friday. I got to meet and work with Jen! We ended up being ticket takers and ID checkers. We did got to see and enjoy a little bit of the event.

UntitledThen, on Saturday morning- I went apple (and pear) picking!!!! I was so excited. I took a ton of pictures and learned a lot, so I’ll probably create a separate entry about our visit to Honey Pot Hill- but here’s a sneak peek!


What we came home with:

And this is what I did on Sunday:

And I went on a bike ride (first in a while and first exercise since injuring my ankle 2 weeks ago)

And I cooked this weekend too:

I started a 31 by 31 list back around my birthday (almost 10 weeks ago) and finally finished the list last week. It’s a list of 31 things that I want to complete by my 31st birthday (July 31st). I actually accomplished (and worked towards accomplishing) a few of them this weekend, so I need to get that list compiled so that I can work on marking more things off the list!



  1. Sounds like you are doing so many fun things. I’m sure you had a really great 3 day week end. Sissie came down and did some shopping. Its always a joy when she is here.


  2. Ooh, I like your idea for a 31 x 31 list! I probably don’t have time to do a 35 x 35 list for myself since that’s going to happen Monday but maybe I have time for a 36 x 36 list. 😉


  3. I can smell those apples cooking – the picture of the leaves by your bike tire was wonderful. So beautiful. And I think the list is a great idea. Go, girl


  4. Sorry I’m just now reading your blog. The food looked wonderful and so did the apples!! Sorry your ankle still isn’t behaving well.


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