My 31 by 31 List

What’s a 31 by 31 list?

It’s a list of 31 things that I want to do before my 31st birthday…. which is in 10 months, so I still have plenty of time. But it took me over a month to come up with the list, and another month to finally post it! I made a 30 by 30 list last year (although I didn’t post here it). However,  30 was much more of a milestone and I had a lot of things going on in my life, having the list really helped me to accomplish a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t had made the list. I’ll try to go back and make a recap post with some pictures.

Here we go…… and I’ve already done some of them:

  1. Visit a new state: DONE.
    I went to New Jersey in August. But I’ll always work on going to new places!August Vacation
  2. Try 4 new foods- beets, grapefruit, etc.  I am HALF DONE.
  3. Camp/Sleep Outdoor
  4. Have/make fondu- cheese or chocolate
  5. Bake with apples/pumpkin: DONE.
    I’ve baked 2 apple crisps and 4 loaves of apple bread in the last 48 hours! But I’m open to baking with pumpkin!!
  6. Go hiking/biking at least 10 miles outside of the city
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Visit Wahl Burgers– A hamburger place owned by the
    Wahlberg brothers
  9. Join a CSA- DONE.
    I’ve done this and need to write about it. It’s tied to # 2 and #19.
  10. Visit the Bunker Hill Monument
  11. Go to Flour Bakery and make something from the cook book
  12. Volunteer twice- HALF DONE.
    I volunteered last Friday at the Brewfest and I have another opportunity soon.
  13. Continue exercising 3 days a week- Ugh, currently hard to do with my ankle injury but I’m trying.
  14. Go apple picking/farm/orchard- DONE.
    Honey Pot Hill this past weekend.
  15. Go to a hockey game
  16. Visit Newport, RI
  17. Boston Art Project- DONE.
    I took some pictures of the city, ordered prints, and hung 3 8X10’s in my room.
  18. Read 1 book a month-
    I’ve done well with this since I have a 50 minute commute each way to work. Mystic River, Something Borrowed. I have 3 others started.
  19. 1 new recipe a month- I’ve done well this too- with some help!
    Here’s few pictures. A pasta dish that I can’t remember how to spell: IMG_8870
    A potato soup:
  20. 1 new baking item a month. This past week was a great start to this, but I think I did okay for Aug and Sept. I’ll have to look back. I know I made Chocolate zuchinni cookies in August and a Red Velvet cake in September. Here’s one of my apple bread loaves
  21. Attend a new Festival/fair
  22. Do at least a 10k race
  23. New exercise/ physical activity- DONE.
    I did Hot yoga!! And survived
  24. 4 sewing/craft projects. HALF DONE.
    I started a fleece blanket and I made a wreath
  25. Watch the sunrise.
    This is the 1 item left over from last year’s list. I was on a 6am flight once and technically watched the sunrise, but that wasn’t exactly what I was hoping!
  26. Visit new brewery
  27. Visit winery
  28. Create a Financial plan
  29. Go on a Vacation
  30. Bike 40 miles in a day
  31. New water activity- paddleboard, rafting, canoeing


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