My previous 30 by 30 list.

After my previous post about my 31 by 31 list, I decided to post my list from last year.

1. Volunteer- Habitat for Humanity with work, I had a great time with my old co-workers at Humana.


2. Get/Keep in shape: run 4 times a month and 3 yoga sessions a month. I did pretty good at that last year.

3. go kayaking/canoeing- Last September, I went kayaking on the Charles River.
Kayaking on the Charles

4. Go on a hike- Check!! The Blue Hills with Jules and Lucy

5. Follow a new recipe each month- I didn’t go great on this one.  But last October, I made chicken noodle soup and chimichangas (although I used beef instead of turkey).

6. Visit a farm- I went to Marini Farms last October for this flashlight corn maze on a double date. We visited the farm shop where they were selling apples, so technically I visited a farm, but I was hoping to go Apple picking year.
Corn Maze

7. Find a new job that I enjoy- I accepted my new job at the end of July- just in time.

8. Monthly me activity (hair cut, manicure, pedicure, brow wax, massage)- It’s embarrassing that I had this listed, but I needed to force myself to spend some time and money on ME!

9. Monthly friend event (meetup, dinner with friend). I for sure did that!!!

I had 3 Boston Bruncher events (August at OM, September at the Cottage, December at Harvard Common Press).
Boston Brunchers
Went to the Donkey Show at the Oberon with Jules.
Donkey Show

Had dinner and cocktails with Tonya at Cuchi Cuchi:Cuchi Cuchi

In October, I also went to Bianca’s (of Confessions of a 3 Musketeers event at the W and had chocolate for dinner!3 Musketeers

In November, I went to my first trivia night with one of the groups at McGreevy’s. Our hiking adventure also is a win here! We also had dinner in Chinatown on a random Tuesday night- I love it!

I just pulled this from May. Stylefixx event with Tonya and Pam:

10. go on a road trip (60+ miles away)- I went to Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME in August.
Maine and New Hampshire

11. be a more consistent blogger- ahhhh, not so good on this one.

12. Go to trivia night at a pub- I’ve done it twice and love it!!!!! Girls Night at McGreevy’s and then the Kinsdale with the Ex-Southerns Group. I want to keep doing this and it’s good with a group of 4-6.

13. Watch the sun rise- Not really. I saw the sunrise on the morning I came back from Kentucky, but that was not very romantic/memorable other than being on the plane from Louisville to Boston.

14. Try An Ethnic Cuisine I Have Never Tried Before. In May, I had my first Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Experience at Shabu Zen.

15. Bike Ride- Buy or Rent- I got a bike in June.

16. Go on a picnic. I didn’t officially have a picnic, but on my bike ride above, we had snacks at the picnic table- which I didn’t get a picture off. Boo!

17. Get a new (to me) car if I’m still not living in the city. Not needed since I decided to stay in the city!!

18. Take part in a photo shoot (either take or be taken in). Okay, this was so much fun in June!!!! Here was one of my favorites:

19. Go to a beach- Yep, three Singing Beach, P-town, and Carson Beach in Boston

20. Get a real pair of sunglasses- Yep! Love them!

21. Halloween party/dress up- Oh my, yes.

22. Take a factory/ery tour (beer, wine, chocolate). I’ve been to Harpoon twice, yes twice! The first time was in September and then in December with Girls Pint Out.
Harpoon Brewery

23. Go to brunch with the girls- Tonya, Jules, Lynn, Rebecca, and the Boston Brunchers!

24. Go to Top of the Hub for cocktails- Yes, I went for my birthday with Pam, Lucy, and Tonya!!!

25. Visit 3 new cities- Portland, ME; Portsmouth, NH; Providence, RI.

26. Go to an Art Museum- MFA and ICA in August!
Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)- Free on Wednesdays. Went with a girls’ meetup group and Julienne.

27. Visit a new state in the US.- Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont!!!
A picture from Vermont, on the way to Montreal.
Canada Feb 2012

28. Originally I didn’t have anything here, but I’ve decided to put down to work on figuring out what makes me happy. I’ve started to journal and that’s a little bit of progress
29. Do what makes me happy.
30. Be Happy.



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