Saturday Update

Just wanted to post a quick update!

My ankle injury hasn’t gotten better and I have scheduled another doctor’s appointment for Tuesday. At the end of day, my ankle has been swollen and sore, so that’s kept me from doing a whole lot.

I went to friend’s going away event at an Irish pub on Thursday. Lucy is moving back to California! The good news is that I’ll have someone to visit out there!

This morning, I went to Hi Rise bakery. It’s just down the street from my new place and I finally went. Here’s a quiche and a sourdough muffin with egg, cheese, and Canadian ham.



After, I went on an hour long boat cruise of the Charles River.

I’ve been along the river and crossed it, a hundred times but it was fun seeing it from a different perspective and to also learn about it.

I just put an apple crisp (3rd one this week) in the oven!




  1. Glad you are going back to the Dr – this ankle injury has hung around too long. The boat ride looked amazing and so did you. And I’m hungry now too. That breakfast looked great. Hugs


  2. I am so sorry that you are still having trouble with your ankle. Hope the doctor finds out what is going on. Boat ride looked like fun. Love you, Pam


  3. I love quiche and the muffin breakfast looked great too. Glad you’re seeing the doctor about your ankle.
    That’s a great picture of you on the boat. I love apple crisp (Mother used to make it)
    Take care, stay warm and safe!!!


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