My first Zipcar experience- Craft Outing

Last month, I used Zipcar for the first time. Zipcar is a membership based car sharing program. You make reservations by the day or hour, on their website. It was founded in Cambridge in 2000. It’s good for when you just need a car for an hour or two.

If I want a car for more than 4 hours, I think it’s cheaper to have a daily rental from Hertz or Avis, but this is great for a trip across down because it includes gas. And you can usually always get one and locations are all over the place!

Here is Sheree our Sentra! They name all the cars.


I signed up a few months ago with a promotion but never used Zipcar. Danie, a friend at work, was talking about fall crafts (a conversion started by Pinterest) and then we discussed how fun it would be to do some fall crafts and to go to some craft stores. I thought about it and realized that I had some Zip car credits left, so I logged in and in fact, I did, and so we started planning a girls night out, including craft shopping!

We left work, went straight to the zip car location closest to her place. I used my membership card to get into the car and the key was already inside. We made our way to JoAnn’s, spent an hour and a half walking around, looking for fall crafts ideas.


I settled on fleece fabric for a blanket, along with materials to make a wreath. A month later, the blanket is half done, but the wreath is on the door.

Wanna sign up for Zip Car? Here’s a $25 discount!

Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving



  1. Something different – but isn’t it fun walking through JoAnn’s looking at stuff. Sort of gets your imagination going. the wreath is very original. Hugs


  2. Fantastic!!! I love JoAnn’s. Last week (in AZ) I received a 30% off everything regular price and on sale for this week–so, of course, I used it and saved $30 on the stuff I bought.

    Your wreath is wonderful-and I bet, it will still look good for years to come. And fleece blankets are wonderfully soft and very warm (you need the warmth too)

    Take care, lots of love


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