Late October Update and waiting for Sandy

It’s Sunday afternoon. Hurricane Sandy is expecting to bring lots of wind and rain tomorrow. I had a busy week and weekend, and just in case the power goes out, I wanted to post an update! I’d like to do more detailed posts on some of the topics, especially the Ballet, Painted Burro, and my outing yesterday to Kimball Farm and the General Store in Harvard,  MA.

I made some chocolate covered pretzels, pumpkins and skeleton fingers!


We had a photo contest at work (technically the week before last):

With food..

and more food…

and wine…

The Queen Mary 2 Cruise ship was also docked near work this week:

My friend who moved to Puerto Rico in May came back to Boston for a visit last weekend and we met up at the Painted Burro. Here’s us outside that evening:

And I got a BLT and cheese taco

We also met up Monday night at Brownstone’s in Back Bay.

Thursday night, I went to the Boston Ballet with my co-worker/friend Danie, courtesy of the Boston Brunchers.

We went to a place called Sip before:

We got a set of bikes at work on Friday

My iPhone was supposed to be delivered on Friday but no one was home to sign for it, so hopefully tomorrow.

Saturday was an awesome, impromptu day. It started off with just driving to brunch, but then we ended up going to Kimball Farm to play Pitch and Putt, hit the driving range, and ended up a a wine tasting event in a neat general store in Harvard, MA.


A nice drive

We stopped after seeing a sign for hot coffee but there was a wine store upstairs



Such a nice, eventful, unplanned day!

Today started off by going to the grocery store to stock up on water and canned goods for the impending storm! Football and gathering all the candles is on the agenda for tonight! I’ll be working from home tomorrow to sign for my iPhone, so I won’t be commuting in the rain and wind!  Take care fellow New Englanders and those in the storm’s past!



  1. Loved your pumpkins and skeleton fingers. Best they tasted fantastic. Did you win the photo contest at work? The food looked great-can you make roses like they had? I’d love to know how to make them some day.
    I’ve never seen a ship as large as the Queen Mary 2. It’s hugh!!!!
    Your trees are awesome!!! Love the different colors.
    And I’m glad you’re working from home Monday. Very smart too. We’re only supposed to get rain from ‘the perfect sstorm’. We’ll be praying for you too.


  2. Wow! You have so much fun & do so many cool things. Looks like you are always productive. Loved your Halloween food. The food at the office was so pretty. I would love to learn how to do the pretty flowers also. Be safe. Saw your Mom Fri night at the Toby Mac concert. She recognized me.


  3. Loved hearing about all you do – and it sounds fantastic. I am assuming that ankle is doing fine.
    The Queen Mary was huge – wow.
    Appreciate knowing you don’t have to go into work today. Hopefully, it isn’t as bad as predicted. Love you.


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