It’s Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning and I’m on my way to work. It was a busy week and weekend!

On Sunday and Monday, we braced for Hurricane Sandy. Luckily in Boston, the primary damage was downed power lines.


We played board games and the power remained on the entire time.


The damage in NY and NJ was bad and is so sad.

On Halloween, I went to yoga for the first time since…… April maybe! I tried out Soniyoga and loved it!!


On Thursday night, I went to dinner at Dali with the girls- Tonya, Kim, and Joanna- all transplants!! I had been to Dali before and knew I wanted to get the mixed platter for sure! We tried a few other dishes too since this was a tapas place- such a great time!

On Saturday, Tony and I collected clothes and made some care packages to send to NY and NJ.

On Sunday, I went to brunch at Foundry on Elm with the Boston Brunchers!

Afterward, I went to Danie’s house and we gave ourselves manis and pedis, watched football and played with Little Cat!



  1. Could you pet the kitten? She looked very silky!!
    Love seeing all the pictures of your food!!! They make me hungry.
    I’m so glad you could help out N J and N Y. That’s wonderful.
    Take care,


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