Weekend update

Just a quick update while in the way to work!

I voted for the first time in MA. The line at 8am was long but it went quick.


On Wednesday afternoon, it started to snow and lasted all evening! It melted in the morning.


I had a follow-up dentist appointment on Thursday- ugh!


I had a girls’ night on Saturday. We went to Walhburgers in Hingham. Yes, it’s the burger place owned by the Walhburg brothers.



  1. Contrats on voting!!!!
    Hopefully you had no cavities at the dentist’s office.
    Always love the pictures you take with your friends!!!
    Take care, lots of hugs,


  2. The snow looks pretty. I enjoy hearing about your adventures & seeing your pictures. We will miss you a bunch Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will have a fun day Thanksgiving with friends. Only once did I spend most of the day Thanksgiving by myself. I was a teenager & it was awful. Love you a bunch


  3. I’m proud you voted. I knew this was going to be a close election. Every vote counts.
    You know you will be missed Thanksgiving but it sounds like you will have a nice one with Tony’s family. Hugs always


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