Friends, food, baking, and painting

It’s the day before Thanksgiving! People have already started traveling and I heard that traffic was bad leaving Boston last night. I’ll be working a half day and then leave in the early afternoon. I’m going to New York, about an hour North of NYC. It’s on the other side of the Hudson River.

Here are some recent pictures

I went to Post 390’s VIP event where they featured many farms that they source their ingredients from. Jennifer and I had a good time but it was very crowded and hot!
We left and went to a Mexican place called Zocalo and had margaritas!

On Friday for lunch, almost our entire company went out- to celebrate Denise’s 30th birthday and also a going away farewell for someone else.

On Friday night, I did some Thanksgiving pre-baking! Cookies to freeze!
I got a free gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint for being a BzzAgent! It was the best paint I’ve ever used. It is expensive paint but the guy at the hardware store said it was the best paint money could buy. I do have to say that while we were painting, we said a dozen times that this is the best paint we had ever used. It went on smooth, no drips, no splatters, and no curse words were uttered- unlike the last time I painted a few years ago. We didn’t need to prime it or put on another coat over a yellow existing wall.
I met up with Jessie, Eleanor, Catie, and Lauren, to celebrate Lauren’s birthday, her running a marathon (and Jessie too), and getting a tattoo (Jessie is getting one next week) at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square.
Sunday, I went to Sarah’s, a local cafe and got a breakfast sandwich for the first time and it was exactly what I wanted!
On Sunday, I baked and baked! I made a dozen mini cheesecakes (forgot to take a picture) and 2 dozen mini chocolate and pecan pies!! I made the dough for the first dozen by hand and got so aggravated and then used store bought pie dough for the second and it was so much easier!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here are 2 handmade cards that family sent me this week!




  1. Happy Thanksgiving Erica!! We will miss you, but hope you have a wondeful time in New York – can’t wait to see you at Christmas time!!!
    (p.s. – the color of that paint is gorgeous and I appreciate the review, sounds like it’s worth the extra $$’s for sure!)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We love and miss you!
    I’ve tried different paints also and have never found a good one.
    Will definitely try that one. – thanks


  3. LOVE your blog, E! All of your food pics make my mouth water! Are the cookies as good when they are thawed? I usually just freeze the dough, never the cookie, so I’m curious about this!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Erica-We will miss you a bunch. Love the color of the paint also. Marti & family are here. Eamon is sleeping in Erica’s playhouse.


  5. Sorry I’m so late answering this.
    I MISS your homemade cookies!!! They looked GREAT!! I have heard of Benjamin Moore paint but not Aura paint. I’ll definitely keep it in mind whenever I have to repaint.
    Five beautiful women celebrating Lauren’s birthday!!!
    Your mini chocolate and pecan pies really looked wonderful. I looked in my old Better Homes and Garden Cookbook a few months ago and found a new cookie recipe. It’s similar to yours but without the problems. It’s called Pecan Crispies and I’ll send you a copy when I mail your Christmas Card. Hope you like it.


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