Getting ready for Christmas

It’s slowly starting to feel like Christmas.

My roommates got the tree on Sunday afternoon and the lights were put on last night. I’ll put my 3 ornaments in tonight. The rest of my prized and treasured glass blown ornaments are packed up back in Kentucky.

I saw this picture on twitter of someone transporting a tree on the train!
A beautifully decorated house near Harvard. They have 3 trees on the porch and Iove the greenery.
Last weekend, Danie and I went Christmas shopping where we both picked up decorations and wrapping paper! And we stopped for burgers at a new place.

It also snowed that Saturday morning and was very pretty. Here’s a picture of Beacon Street.



  1. Those homes look fantastic – so pretty and yet friendly. just beautiful. Your tree is lovely and I loved the tree on the bus. Hugs


  2. This is such a good part of Christmas!!! Decorating the tree and seeing the snow ‘dusting’ the trees etc. Love this part.
    And just think, you’ll be here in 7 days!!!!
    Stay healthy and happy!!!!!!


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