Cooking with turnips, I think

I have been getting bi-weekly vegetable and fruit deliveries from Boston Organics since September. It has been fun and has gotten me to try new foods and learn how to cook with them.

This maple glazed turnip recipe is what I made on Monday

It was basically butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice.
I am pretty positive that these were turnips but I got confused because I also got radishes in the same delivery and it was hard to distinguish between them.
A few weeks ago, I got some nice carrots. They didn’t taste anything like carrots I’ve had before!
I have gotten kale a few times and made kale chips a few months ago.
I have gotten beets a few times and roasted them and also made hummus once. 20121215-092006.jpg
I also put beets on my “No” list for Boston Organics. Each delivery is based in what is in season and local but you can add items to not delivery anymore. I got tired of beets but at least I tried them and in a few different ways! 20121215-092643.jpg


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