Weekend Review

It’s Sunday and the weekend is almost over. This is my last weekend in Boston before visiting Kentucky for Christmas, so I have been feeling a lot of pressure to get things done. A super busy weekend was planned (friend coming to town to pack up her things in storage and to take her furniture that I’ve been borrowing so I ordered new things) and a cookie swap, baking for the swap, buying Christmas gifts, wrapping and mailing them…. And then plans fall through, maybe for the better.

It’s currently snowing but switches back to rain and then back to pretty snowflakes.

It ended up being more relaxing weekend than I thought but I am wondering if this week or next weekend, I will regret not doing more. I still need to buy a few more things. And a few things that I guess I will pack with me in my luggage rather than ship beforehand because I didn’t make it to the post office.

I picked up a bottle of egg nog on the way home Friday night after eating at an Indian restaurant.
I didn’t take any pictures during dinner. I felt somewhat relieved not to have to worry about it but now I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t take any!

I spent some girl time with Danie on Saturday afternoon. First, we got pedicures and manicures:
And then went to JP Licks for a special treat.
I opted for hot chocolate. There was a touch of cinnamon in it.20121216-155533.jpg
Danie got the peppermint ice cream sundae! 20121216-155526.jpg



  1. WOW!! You sure stay busy!!! I love your photos and all the stuff you do!!! (and eat!!) I love pedicures but have never had a professional manicure. I’d guess it would be similar to the pedicure–what do you think abut it?
    Just think, you’ll be in Louisville this weedend!!!!
    lots of hugs,


    • Yes, less than a week!!! I have only gotten a manicure a few times, but it looks so pretty afterwards. I can’t paint my nails like they do! It’s a good treat a few times a year!


    • It was my first time having egg nog, so I thought I would go for the real stuff or at least the New England kind, but once I saw that it had Kentucky bourbon, I had to get it!


  2. I think the egg nog with vanilla is better – I hate the taste of whiskey -but egg nog does sound good. Haven’t had any in years.
    Can’t wait till you are here. Hugs


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