Last day of work before the Holidays

It’s my last day of work before coming home for Christmas! I am working until 4 and then I go to the airport. Work is pretty close to the airport.

This week has been fun!

On Sunday, one of my roommates hosted her annual gingerbread cookie party.

Some of the mess cookies from some of the kids.
I did a little bit of shopping for myself and got a new pair of running shoes. I had them look at my stride and how I walk to see if I could get fitted for a shoe that fit me better. I ended up with shoes that had more stability.

I also picked out a new running shirt.
On Wednesday, I got to go to the latest Girls Pint Out event sponsored by Google Local at Bertcucci’s and highlighted their pizza paired with Samuel Adams beer. 20121221-081001.jpg
It’s a great group of ladies! I took more pictures and will do a separate post!
I got a haircut earlier in the week and this shirt was our Christmas present from work. It has our CP logo and Vineyard Vines logo, which is one of our clients. 20121221-081024.jpg
We had out work day time Christmas party yesterday afternoon. We had great catered food and did a Yankee Swap. 20121221-081036.jpg

Hello Kitty perfume!! Danie gave me this in my Christmas present! Soooo cute!20121221-081046.jpg

A picture of my suitcase and my pants from yesterday. I love PINK!20121221-081053.jpg



  1. Love your new haircut!!!! Sorry you’re back to glasses but……..that’s okay too!!!!
    Loved the annual gingerbread cookie ‘dress up’!!! Wow, I bet some of those cookies were hard to eat!!! (but delicious!!!! of course)
    I can hardly wait to see you!!!! Your box came Friday and they’re ready to go to Wendys!!!!


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