Random pictures while at the airport

Well, I made it to the airport! My flight is delayed 25 minutes right now. The bus that Danie and I took from work was ….. a little packed and hot but we made it. Our flights were around the same time so we left together… After waiting for someone’s computer to update! Haha!

I have a tradition at the airport to get Dunkin Donuts since they aren’t very common back in Louisville. 20121221-181141.jpg
I made some chocolate peppermint cookies last night and brought into work today….20121221-181626.jpg

And they were gone in a flash!!20121221-181153.jpg

Here are my new running shoes! 20121221-181213.jpg

Here’s my Hello Kitty umbrella! It rained all day today but stopped in time to get to the airport!! 20121221-181221.jpg

Next stop…. Chicago and then Louisville!!


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