Goodbye Sunny Florida, Hello Wintery Boston

Well, Florida was nice and relaxing- and warm and sunny.
I spent the last 4 days an hour north of Tampa. It was filled with relaxing, playing with the cutest dog, and lots of eating!
Here is Gabby and I. She didn’t want us to leave and I didn’t want to leave her behind!
We’re currently in hour 4 of a 20 hour drive back to Boston, where a winter storm awaits our arrival. They are expecting 4-8 inches of snow tonight.



  1. I bet it was hard knowing what you were coming home to (the weather of course). Hope you’re off work until after the New Year!!
    Love the photos and the ‘pup’!


  2. this is Pam. I am using Marti’s computer. Loved the dog & the palm tree. We have sun here in Columbia & yesterday too (after the rain) Seems like it had been a while since I had seen sun & I love it & blue skies. Hoping & praying you all arrive safe & sound in snowy Boston. Rowan, Marti, Eamon & I are spending New Years ‘Eve at Myrtle Beach so I will see palm trees, sand & ocean. Yay!


  3. WOW you’ve been really doing some traveling. Glad you are able to do all these fun things. We pla
    n to go to church tonight for the New years eve gathering. I need to decide quickly what we will take for a finger food.
    Happy New Year Erica.


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