Top 12 of 2012

It’s time for one of the posts where you recap the year and talk about the new year!

This year has been quite a change for me, in almost every single way possible. I have embraced it and decided not to dwell on anything. This was the year that I turned 30 (gulp), made more friends, realized that I could move on from a marriage that didn’t work out, decided to give Boston a try on my own, got back into the dating scene, left my ‘first’ job at a huge Fortune 100 company where I had been for 6 years for a small marketing technology company, met someone who makes me happier than I thought I could be, got my first road bike, had 2 stress fractures (1 on each foot), did some local traveling to Montreal, Atlantic City (NJ), Cape Cod (twice), Portsmouth (NH) twice for work, and also some traveling to Kentucky and also most recently to Florida.

Here are the highlights of 2012 in order of how they happened:

1. Trip in February to Montreal with Jules. This was such a fun, spontaneous trip- 2 girls and a dog. It created so many memories and  stories from almost not crossing into Canada, almost running out of gas, visiting an ice village, skiing at Mont Tremblant, lunch at a wine bar facing a festival, and not to mention the 7 hour drive each way where we either rocked out or talked!

I realized that I didn’t do a blog post about this but I took hundreds of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:
Canada Feb 2012



2. At the end of March, I temporarily moved in with Jules and Lucy (and Pooka) in Southie. I loved having a dog and being able to run around the harbor.


One of the best running routes I found while there:

3. Using the summer to find out if I wanted to stay in Boston. In May, I moved into my first place with the help of these lovely ladies!

4. Brunching- I did so many that I lost count- Blue, Common Ground, Sonsie, M3, Catalyst, and Foundry on Elm…. not to mention the ones that I didn’t blog about!

Superhero Brunch at Blue

5. Meeting Tony who helps me see what I am possible of accomplishing and encourages me each day whether it’s related to work, running, photography, or blogging.

6. Memorial Day Weekend Getaway at Club Getaway where I met new friends and got closer to others, ate soooo much food, danced my heart out, swam, biked, did archery and wall climbing, learned how to make pizza, ran an obstacle course, jumped into the mud, and got my first stress fracture…… boooo.


7. New Job at Customer Portfolios where I am a Solutions Architect where I design marketing databases for clients.

8. Road trip to Cape Cod and New Jersey
August Vacation

9. Harbor to the Bay- Yes, it was a fun weekend on Cape Cod, but it was also inspiring to watch and encourage someone to complete a goal of theirs.
Harbor to the Bay

10. Apple Picking and the baking afterward


11. Thanksgiving Trip to New York- This started with a 5K run (Tony’s first race), Thanksgiving meal and lots of dessert, a hike, and a winery tour!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

12. Spending the Holidays with loved ones!

My mom and I


Kay and I (and the Queen)

Christmas Eve at Wendys

Tony and I on New Years Eve in front of the State House

Hope you have a wonderful 2013!!



  1. A wonderful year – I’m proud of you embracing so many new adventures. 2013 is going to be a great year for you too. Hugs


  2. You had a FANTASTIC 2012!!! Lots of positive changes and ready to take on the world!! 2013 is going to be even better!!!!!!
    love you!!!!!


  3. You are amazing. You have done so many wonderful things in 2012. Can only imagine what 2013 will bring. The Happiest of New Years to you.
    Much Love,


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