A week of running, yoga, and eating

Wow, how is it Sunday evening already? Thankfully I have Monday off work, so it’s not that bad.

I got back to somewhat of an exercise schedule last week and I stuck to it this week. I worked on a machine Sunday and my calves were sore for days! But I ran 3 times this week and made it to yoga!
20130120-173006.jpgIt snowed Wednesday, after being almost 60 on Monday. Thankfully it melted on Thursday and I ran after I got home from work. It’s starting to stay lighter outside longer now.
20130120-173039.jpgI met up with Tony for breakfast at Sarah’s Cafe before going to work on Thursday. This place is so good.
20130120-173102.jpgWhile at Whole Foods Friday night, I picked up some challah bread to use to make French toast. It was expensive and didn’t seem like anything special, until it soaked up the egg mixture and I realized that it was much better than regular bread.20130120-173114.jpg
I went to brunch with the Boston Brunchers over 5 hours ago and I am still full. We shared apps, got our own entree (I got the poached eggs, chicken, beans, tortillas), and shared a few desserts.
The Patriots play in the AFC in an hour. If they win, they go to the Super Bowl. If they lose, the season’s over. Go Pats!


2 thoughts on “A week of running, yoga, and eating

  1. Patsy Jenks

    11 degrees here -your snow was beautiful. yea for getting light earlier. That breakfast looked wonderful – and the french toast too. Hugs


  2. Soni

    LOVED your snow!!!! It’s so pretty on trees!!! Even our trees are beautiful when it snows here.
    I check your temps in our paper each day but, of course, never get to see how many inches of snow you receive.
    Your food looks fantastic!!
    lots of hugs,


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