Where did February go?

So it’s March 2nd! How did that happen?

So a recap is in order- picking up from the Nemo winter storm!


2 weeks ago, I went on a mini vacation to Merrimack, New Hampshire. I got concert tickets to Maroon 5 months ago and then decided that Tony and I should see what else is there.

We went to the outlet malls and then the Budweiser Brewery. 20130302-084134.jpg

The Clydesdale barn. Those horses were huge!20130302-084150.jpg

The Maroon 5 concert was awesome!20130302-084203.jpg

Oh yea, and then there was work. I had a few rough weeks at the end of Jan through February. Lots of waking up at 1am and tossing and turning for hours. We write on the whiteboards, A LOT.

I started back at some type of exercise routine. I had 5 seasons at a Pilates place. And I am taking a Barre class today at a new place.

Last weekend, Tony and I had a date night where we went to Za’s Pizza and then saw Argo at the Capital Theatre in Arlington. I ordered the Mac ‘n Cheese pizza.
I wanted to see the movie before the Oscars and I loved it! My roommates hosted an Oscars viewing party with trivia.

It snowed 3 weekends in a row!

And then rained for 2 days straight this week. I was very colorful on Wednesday with my Wellington boots, LL Bean rain coat, and Hello kitty umbrella.

And I re-subscribed to my fruit and veggie delivery service and so now I am cooking a little bit more. I made myself dinner this past week and used the last of my kale. 20130302-084313.jpg

And Thursday night, my work had it’s Holiday Party. Yes, we got too busy last year to organise it, so we waited a while. We left the office at 4 and headed over to Jillian’s for pool and bowling. We snacked and had dinner. 20130302-084324.jpg



  1. I love looking at your pictures. Sounds like you are living an interesting life., and top it off with delicious food,
    Just wondering, Is the picture of the houses across the street in the area where you live?
    Bet you are happy that March is here. Soon will be spring. whee


  2. You are amazing. So glad you take the time to share the pictures with all of us. Everything looks so interesting and fun. Plus the food -yum! We had a little snow today & the sun is shining here. So exciting.


  3. Years ago the Clydesdale horses were at the Ky State Fair. Yes, I’ve never seen horses that BIG!
    I can see you in your rain boots, rain coat and fantastic umbrella!!!! (and then you showed us a picture of them!!) You’re GREAT!!!
    It’s hard for me to believe your snow wasn’t gone after raining for 2 solid days. (that’s another difference between Boston and Louisville!!!! Take care,


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