Bloggers visit Pure Barre of Boston

Yesterday, I went to Pure Barre of Boston with some other bloggers for a free class. I didn’t know much about barre but have been seeing it posted online recently.

Pure barre

According to their website, it is a fast and effective way to change the shape of your body. It uses small isometric movements at the ballet barre. The barre is the railing that you see in a ballet or exercise studio.

Pure barre

Pure Barre is designed to lift your seat (rear, behind, tush, butt, or whatever else you want to call that area), tones your thighs, abs and arms and burns fat in record breaking time. They say that clients see results in as little as 10 classes.
Pure barre

The studio is right on Newbury Street, near the Hynes station. Walk up the stairs and then you talk into a great area where the desk is, work out gear, dressing rooms, lockers, and restrooms. It’s a very pretty space.
Pure barre

We used some weights, bands, balls, and a mat.
Pure barre

I really liked the workout because it didn’t have any jumping around- so my knees and other joints didn’t scream at me.
Pure barre

But you know what…. just about every muscle in my legs and stomach WAS yelling at me. Just went it started to really burn, the instructor Fiona would chime in with “this is the last set” …. and then I thought- hey, I can finish. My legs were shaking a lot at the end of some of the exercises. It really showed me how weak my legs are.

Pure barre

A picture from Jess at Little Miss Runshine

The class that started after ours.
Pure barre



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