Another winter storm

What’s this? A mid-week blog post?! Surprise!

And we’re getting a new snow storm!


And last night, a group of us ladies from work got together for a paint night. 20130307-153245.jpg

Here’s Danie and Jen:20130307-153253.jpg

And my end result of a vineyard.


Here was our group and our instructor Terrance 20130307-153538.jpg



  1. Love the idea of a work outing paint night! SO fun! I never paint so I wonder how bad mine would come out, haha. Yours looks awesome though, almost abstract or something lol.
    I am NOT looking forward to this snow storm. I keep looking out the window at work, and so far it doesn’t look so bad! I’m hoping my drive home isn’t terrible, but that’s what you get in Boston! I really hope spring comes soon!


    • Yes, I think we are all ready for spring!! My commute wasn’t too bad this morning, but I think the T is getting backed up now. Yes, Paint night is fun. This was the Urban Art Bar in Southie, but there are others. I think there’s a deal on Living Social right now. They go step by step, so it’s not hard to do. You should try it sometime.


  2. I loved your picture!!! You should definitely hang it on your wall!!!
    Love your pictures of the snow too. When I visited Angela this time, they also had snow. Of course, it only lasted for one afternoon but the mountains kept it for about 5 days. Beautiful.
    Take care, lots of hugs,


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