Late March Weekend Update

It’s almost April!!

Last weekend, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Danie at JCrew. I’ll be in her wedding in August! She decided on 2 of the tank styles in 2 different colors- dark eggplant and spiced wine.
We went dress shopping on St. Patrick’s Day. All the pubs were packed but we went to a Mediterranean place. 20130325-131439.jpg
It snowed again!! About 6 inches! Here’s the church I walk by on the way to the train.
After work on Friday, a group of us girls went to Hot Pot!


Danie and I went spring clothes shopping Saturday and then we watched the UL game! Go Cards! They are in the Sweet 16 now!20130325-082211.jpg

Tony and I had planned for dinner on Saturday but with the game, we snacked and wasn’t hungry for dinner, but we stopped for dessert! He surprised me with a stop at Kickass Cupcakes! 20130325-082222.jpg



  1. Loved your necklace and earrings when you were going out to Hot Pot!! And you looked about 16 years old wearing the Cards T-shirt!!! You’re so very happy and it really shows!!
    Loved the food too (of course)


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