Late March Weekend Update

It’s almost April!!

Last weekend, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Danie at JCrew. I’ll be in her wedding in August! She decided on 2 of the tank styles in 2 different colors- dark eggplant and spiced wine.
We went dress shopping on St. Patrick’s Day. All the pubs were packed but we went to a Mediterranean place. 20130325-131439.jpg
It snowed again!! About 6 inches! Here’s the church I walk by on the way to the train.
After work on Friday, a group of us girls went to Hot Pot!


Danie and I went spring clothes shopping Saturday and then we watched the UL game! Go Cards! They are in the Sweet 16 now!20130325-082211.jpg

Tony and I had planned for dinner on Saturday but with the game, we snacked and wasn’t hungry for dinner, but we stopped for dessert! He surprised me with a stop at Kickass Cupcakes! 20130325-082222.jpg


3 thoughts on “Late March Weekend Update

  1. Soni

    Loved your necklace and earrings when you were going out to Hot Pot!! And you looked about 16 years old wearing the Cards T-shirt!!! You’re so very happy and it really shows!!
    Loved the food too (of course)


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