Happy Easter and Week Wrap-up

I’m currently watching the second half of the Louisville basketball game against Duke. This is the game where Kevin Ware had the serious leg injury. It’s so sad and was terrible to watch his teammates while they were tending to them. I hope the Cards can win!

This weekend has been awesome! We took 2 bike rides and I got new bike shorts and sunglasses!

I did some shopping yesterday morning too.

20130331-185100.jpg<br /
And ate some BBQ at Sweet Cheeks!

And walked around Fenway.

And cooked dinner!


A friend came to town last week and we went to the Pink concert.

Her sister was on the production crew and we had tickets for the 6th row center and got to hang out on the crew bus before and after.


Great seats!

And today is Danie’s birthday and we celebrated at work on Friday!

This week I start my barre exercise program. It’s 20 sessions (or more if I can make it) in 30 days. I went grocery shopping and ended up getting mostly water/liquids and fruit!




  1. I would’ve LOVED to see Pink! I love her!! So glad you got to see her so close. She was in Louisville not too long ago, would’ve loved to have had tickets.
    Happy April and am SO happy that the Cards won yesterday. What an emotional game!! The town is just buzzing with excitement and thoughts and prayers for Kevin Ware, it’s unbelievable. On to Atlanta!!!


  2. Happy Easter to you too!!!
    I’m so proud of U of L too!!! I bet they stay #1 !!!!
    Thanks for keeping us involved in your wonderful life.


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