Another great weekend! Go Cards!

It’s Sunday and I am waiting for a table for brunch- so here’s the start of the post!

Friday was fun! A few of us went to the food truck for lunch. There was a wait, but it was worth it!


It was a grilled chicken sandwich with tomato relish! Delish! Here’s the Truck!


After I got home from work, Tony and I decided to go to Shabu Yen, which is where our first date was. I love that place and the food!


On Saturday, we went to Allston for the City Gusto Beer and Taco pairing. They served local beer and featured a few restaurants. The plantains were really good!

I got to catch up with a few other bloggers and twitter followers! We tried mini fish, beef, and pork tacos!


Afterward, we went to the White Horse Tavern (also where we went on our first date) to watch the Louisville game. It was a close game. We had some of the biggest nachos ever!


The game was so stressful to watch. There were several times where I wanted to go home. But in the end, the Cards won!

Afterward, we walked back to the bus stop and ran into one of Tony’s friends whose band was playing later that night. We plan to go and listen in a few weeks. The bus wasn’t supposed to come for 20 minutes so we decided to start walking back to Harvard Square. At each bus stop we passed, we checked the app and it still said 20 minutes, so we kept walking. Before we knew it, we were back at Harvard Square and the bus never passed us. We ended up walking 3 miles. That was my workout for the day!

We went on a bike ride this morning. It was a rough 18 miles- chilly and windy!

Joanna just got here! She’s another Louisvillian who moved to Boston!


We got juice and both had omelettes and had a great time catching up! She’s expecting a GIRL in August!!!

A relaxing afternoon and evening is coming my way! I ate way too much!

I am going to barre class tomorrow morning and then watching the Cards tomorrow night!!!

The lady Cards are playing tonight!



  1. Go Cards!! It’s SO exciting around here, I wish you could see it. Especially the fact that the ladies made it to the finals too!! I’ll be up late tonight watching the game!


  2. Wow; loved all the food and people!!! And, Yes, the Cards are #1.
    Thanks for sharing your friends and dates!!
    lots of hugs,


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