Basketball, Barre, Bokeh, Brewery, Burritos, and Brunch

Yes, that’s a lot of Bs! But that was my week!

Monday night, the Louisville Cardinals played their hearts out and won the NCAA men’s basketball championship!

I found out about the Boston U of L Alumni group from Joanna at brunch the day before. They were meeting up to watch the game less than a mile from me, so I joined them!
20130414-144532.jpgIt made watching the game so much more fun! I hope to do more activities and game watching with them in the fall!
I went to barre class 4 times this week and am going tonight! I am still on schedule to hit my goal of 20 sessions in April.
20130414-144556.jpgOn Wednesday night, I took a 2 hour photography class. I re-learned all the things about taking my camera out of automatic mode that I first learned when I got the camera. I want to get a tripod and take more pictures with my DSLR camera to get more confident with it. Bokeh is the blur effect you can create on the manual setting.
20130414-144619.jpgOn Thursday, after/during work, we left at 5 and went to Harpoon Brewery’s new beer hall. It was a fun time and they had the best pretzels!
20130414-144631.jpgOn Friday, we went to Cafe Burrito in Belmont. I bought a LivingSocial deal for 2 burrito dinners and movie tickets to the theatre next door. Yes, you can take your burritos to the movies with you. We saw the Croods animated movie. It was cute!
On Saturday, we went to Trader Joes to get almond flour and maple syrup to make paleo chocolate chip cookies that I had seen a recipe for earlier in the week. I also used coconut oil. It was a very nutty flavour and texture, but good! I also cross stitched for a while on a project I started on in January and watched Battlestar Galactica. I hadn’t seen any of it, so we began to watch from the beginning last weekend.

I went to the Boston Brunchers April event this morning at the Fireplace restaurant. Here’s a sneak peek at that post. My dish, the eggs benedict! 20130414-144700.jpg

Tomorrow is Marathon Monday- the day of the Boston Marathon. I’ll be working though. No fun for me!

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. You’re wonderful keeping your barre classes on schedule!! (wish I was better about stuff like that)
    You experience the neatest stuff!! I can’t imagine taking your burrito dinner next door to watch a movie!! Love all your fantastic food too!!
    And congrats on learning how your camera can work.


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