Air Force One, Justine’s Table, No Pudge Brownies

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon! I probably won’t have an opportunity to do a full blog post tonight but I wanted to share a quick update from my phone with pictures.

Last Thursday, the President visited Boston to attend a memorial service because of the marathon bombings. Work is right across from the airport so we watched Air Force One arrive and here’s the picture I took through the telescope.
Last Friday was a strange day. It was the day of the manhunt in Watertown. My town was on a lock down which meant I couldn’t get to work. It was also Tony’s birthday. We ended up being away to get away for dinner and then watched the capture after dinner. Happy 29th Tony!20130428-152349.jpgOver the weekend, the trees and flowers bloomed. I walked around Harvard Square for an hour taking pictures.
I have been going to Barre 5 times a week and am on track to get 20 sessions by the end of April!
20130428-152419.jpgI went to a blogger dinner at Justine’s Table last week and had a fun time meeting new bloggers.20130428-152436.jpgI made no fat brownies!

I made healthy pancakes made of bananas, eggs, vanilla, almond flour, and peanut butter.

And then I made a crunch chocolate pudding pie for a friend’s party. It was my first time making it and it was super easy and tasty!20130428-152500.jpgJen from work had an art gallery showing. She made art inspired by her guests and then had a reveal party!

Here is my art but she included Tony in it as well, abstract guitar and music notes.
And today we went for a bike ride!



  1. You take the BEST pictures!!! Loved Air Force One in particular and the blooming trees were magnificient!! Tony looked very handsome on his 29th birthday too. (and happy to be with you)
    I find it so hard to believe that a whole town can be on lockdown. I’ve never seen it before you went to Boston….Wow!!
    Also love all the healthy food you’ve been creating!!!
    lots of love and hugs,


  2. No pudge fudge!!! I love it. How in the world do you stay so slim? But of course, all that exercise. You look great. Hugs


  3. How did the pancakes turn out? I’ve been wanting to make stuff gluten-free, but there’s so many different types of “flour” now I don’t know which one to get.


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