Brunch at the Fireplace

A few weeks ago, I went with the Boston Brunchers to The Fireplace in Brookline. They categorize themselves as a New England grill and barbeque.

Below is one of the salads that we tried. That’s duck confit on top!

The Fireplace Brunch

As we waited for the entire group to arrive, they brought out some bread for us. I liked that it was soft and not too hard and chewy.

The Fireplace Brunch

There is an actual fireplace.
The Fireplace Brunch

We started off with some salads to share. Duck confit on the left and the beet and orange salad on the right.
The Fireplace Brunch

We also couldn’t resist sharing some waffles too! They weren’t too crispy- and the berries were delicious.

The Fireplace Brunch

We were seated next to the windows. Surprisingly, it sprinkled on the way over there, but the sun came out and we were shocked that we had to the close the blinds. The staff at The Fireplace quickly came over to help adjust the shades.
The Fireplace Brunch

Our entrees arrived by the help of many people!
The Fireplace Brunch

I ordered the eggs benedict. It’s becoming my go to for brunch. It was really good- the ham and the egg. My only complaint was that the grilled english muffins were a little too crispy and hard to cut up to eat.
The Fireplace Brunch

We also got some sausage for the table, regular and duck sausage.
The Fireplace Brunch

Another picture of our table as the food was arriving.
The Fireplace Brunch

We chatted afterward.
The Fireplace Brunch

There’s also another level of seating in the back.
The Fireplace Brunch

I also got a picture of the entrance (the curtain for when it’s cold outside) and bar area.
The Fireplace Brunch

It was another great brunch with fabulous food and bloggers.

This meal was provided to me as a Boston Bruncher at no charge. My opinions were not influenced by this.



  1. Did you enjoy your salad at The Fireplace? Your bread looked wonderful-I love homemade bread!!! Also love Eggs Benedict!! I used to make them but always used toast instead of English muffins. The only time I ate duck the meat was dry. Did you try the duck sausage too? I bet all of it was GREAT!!!!


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