Legal Seafood Roof Deck, Rosa Mexicano, Mystic Lake, Courtside Karokke

Wow, another great weekend has come and gone and I’m on my way back to the office.
20130506-073303.jpgWe had great weather this weekend and it is supposed to last a few more days but then rain later this week.

This week, I met up with Pam after work for drinks and dinner on the roof-deck at Legal seafood Harborside. They serve sushi and seafood on the roof deck and have 2 other floors that serve different menus.
On Friday, we went out to lunch to celebrate Danie’s last day at CP and also 2 birthdays. Here is Jen, Danie, and I. I was also celebrating Derby!
Earlier this week, Tony ordered a super duty inflatable row boat for us to go fishing in. We got up early on Saturday morning and went to the lower Mystic Lake a few miles away and paddled around for a few hours while trying to fish! No fish this time, but we’ll be back! 20130506-073235.jpg
After 4 hours at the lake, a visit to the nail salon, and then back home to watch the derby, I met up with the girls for karaoke. We’ve been talking for months about going. Danie got up there for a song and we all sang at the table, but it was already 11pm and they hadn’t called us up for our group song, but we still had fun!
I went to brunch at the Sinclair in Harvard Square yesterday. We had a tasting menu and it was very different from our normal brunch food. Pictures to come in the next week. We sat on the newly opened roof-deck for 2 hours and enjoyed being outside while the Mayfair festival was going on.
Happy Monday!


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