Happy Memorial Day

I wanted to get a quick post up before the long weekend ended. I hope everyone had a great weekend! My cousin Julianna graduated from high school!! Congrats!!

The weather was finally warm enough to grill out this afternoon. We had steak tips and chicken and made veggie kabobs for dinner.


We also made egg and banana pancakes this weekend. So good and actually somewhat healthy!
I made red velvet cupcakes on
Saturday night!
On Saturday, it was forecasted to rain all day. I proposed to go into Boston, visit the new Super Walgreens (as I call it), go shoe shopping, go to the movies and see the Star Trek movie, and then go to China Town for Hot pot. And that’s what we did! We left around 11:30 and didn’t get back until after 7:30. It did rain most of the day. 20130527-170544.jpg
The Walgreens had an awesome beauty department! They had a sample
machine that had certain samples for $1 and included $2 coupons for the full sizes of the product.
And then they had a machine where you could scan the barcode of an item and take your picture and give you a before and after of using the product. I tried a foundation product.20130527-170608.jpg
I also got a haircut earlier in the week! 20130527-170621.jpg

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Julianna made the blog! Yay! She got your card yesterday too, thank you SO much!! I love the idea of that super Walgreens, hope we get something like that. The sample machine would be right up my ally!! Have a great rest of the week!


  2. Loved the dog in it’s raincoat & hat!!!! Your food always looks GREAT!!!
    Wonder if any of our Walgreens will get that sample ‘stuff’. The new foundation looked fantastic!!! (of course, you always look wonderful!!!)
    Take care,


  3. LOVE the haircut, E!! For some reason, some of my comments don’t seem to be making it on here when I post from my phone. Not sure why…but do know that I read your blog frequently. And it always makes me hungry!!!!


  4. I loved it all. The food on the grill, kabobs, pancakes all looked very good. I cooked on the grill at Wendy’s 4th of July, in the rain. Everything tasted good, so it was worth it. Loved the close up picture of you & your hair. I failed to give you a card when I saw you at the zoo. Should I send it to the Madison St address?


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