Sweet Caroline’s near Fenway

A lobster roll, near Fenway Park? It wasn’t what I was expecting at Sweet Caroline’s Restaurant and Bar.
Sweet Caroline's

This was the best lobster roll I’ve had. Now, I’m still a rookie to New England, but I’ve had a few lobster rolls over the last 2.5 years and this was delicious!

Sweet Caroline's

I went to Sweet Caroline’s a few weeks ago with a great group of women and we got to try items from their brunch menu, along with their regular menu and their new summer drinks.
Sweet Caroline's

We stopped by for lunch the Saturday after the 4th of July when the Red Sox were on the road and it was pretty quiet in the area. It was a hot day and they had outdoor seating, but we had a nice big table inside.

Besides the lobster roll, I tried the eggs benedict and we were all trying to figure out the bread that was used- so good.
Sweet Caroline's

And the breakfast burrito
Sweet Caroline's

The owner Sasha Nisenbaum came over and talked to us about Sweet Caroline’s and that they make most of their items in-house. He also said that they get fresh lobsters, steam and shuck them.

Sweet Caroline's

And then we tried the buffalo chicken rangoons. These were also one of my favorites.
Sweet Caroline's

They also served us some of their new summer drinks, including:
“When Spring Became Summer” made with Bully Boy white whiskey, cucumber infused simple syrup, Sprite, lemon juice, and bitters. This was my favorite.

Sweet Caroline's

We also served “Where It Began” which was made with tequila, simple poblano syrup and had sugar, salt and Cajun seasoning on the rim. I thought it would be too spicy, but it wasn’t.

Sweet Caroline's

They also brought out a beer-cocktail, called Angel’s in the Outfield. It was made with Angel Envy bourbon from Kentucky (happy to support my home state), Harpoon IPA beer, and a few other things (which I missed hearing but I think lemon juice). It was heavy and I was surprised that I liked it. But I was so full by now and they said that it would pair well with DESSERT- oh my!

Sweet Caroline's

My dessert of choice was the chocolate chip brownie with ice cream served warm in a mini iron skillet. Sweet Caroline's

But Elissa of Style-wire.com and Sam of SamPartyofOneBlog both loved the Apple crisp served in the cute pot.
Sweet Caroline's

I attended Sweet Caroline’s with Blog & Tweet Boston and received a complimentary meal. All opinions are my own.



  1. WOW!!! and double WOW!!! I’m not hungry but I’m ready to eat their food!!!!!
    I will say Cheddars Restaurant (by me) has a Chocolate chip cookie in a small iron skillet with lots of ice cream and It’s fantastic!!! (Haven’t had one in a long time-I’m ready to eat there now)
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.
    lots of hugs and love,


  2. How in the world do you stay so slim? Still, I think it is wonderful you are open to new ventures and I love hearing about them and seeing them too. Way to go. Hugs


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