Boston Photo Class and Tattoo Exhibit

Earlier this week, I took an urban landscape photography class from the BCAE (Boston Continuing Adult Education) Center. I’ve taken a few cooking classes and an intro photography class there before. Chris Padgett was the instructor and I had a blast and learned a lot at the same time.


We started the class off by each of us (5 students) telling our experience and why we were taking the class. He gave us some general instructions and tips about photography and also the process of seeing something and taking a picture.


You are walking by or looking at something and you want to take a picture. Something makes you feel like that. Something made you stop.


Ask yourself why? What grabbed your attention? Why did you feel like you had to capture the moment?


In trying to capture that moment within an image, you have to refine it. You have to narrow it down, crop it, move around.


Then you take the picture!


We walked a few blocks from the classroom to Copley Square. It was so much fun just walking along, stopping to take a picture and seeing what everyone else saw, and pointing things out.  We had opportunities to ask Chris questions. I really wanted to know about night photography. I had signed up for a class a few months ago, but it got cancelled so I signed up for this class. But I got the information I wanted and on the way back to the classroom, we stopped to take some night photos using the techniques Chris taught us.

The photos in this post are from my iPhone, but I’ll get the photos from my D-SLR camera soon. I want to show you those!

Chris is also working on another project that I wanted to share. It’s called Bled for Boston.  After the Boston Marathon bombing in April, there were several tattoo shops that offered people Boston-themed tattoos and donated the profits to show support for the city. Chris wants to document the tattoos and is organizing photo sessions in September. If you know of anyone who got a tattoo, please check out Bled for Boston and get in contact with Chris.




  1. I hope this works!!! I just changed my email address here.
    Loved the photos!!! That’s a fantastic class for almost everyone!!!
    Happy early birthday!!!


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