Saturday morning trip to Concord

I’ve been to Concord probably a dozen times. I love this little town. I went most recently on a Saturday morning. Tony needed to visit a musician friend a few towns over, so I spent a few hours walking around Concord.


It’s about 15-20 miles West of Boston and it reminds me of Main Street USA.

There are lots of little shops and cafes along a 4-6 block stretch, with no light, just cross walks.

My favorite store is probably the Famous Concord Shop full of kitchen items.

I always see something that I have to buy!


They have bakeware and glassware

Down a little alley was a burrito shop owned by the Main Street Market and Cafe, which also has great food.

There a few cute antique and boutique shops.


I had a fun time going in and just browsing around.

The other end is where the Colonial Inn is, which is an Inn and restaurant that is in a building from 1716 and has been operating as a hotel since 1889.

An interior decorator store called The Cottage.

Driving back, you can see Boston’s skyline.
Trip to Concord, MA

My favorite cafe is Helen’s. We didn’t make it there this time, but next time for sure!!


  1. reminds me of an upscale Brown County. A surprise everywhere – I can see where it would be great fun to just browse. Lots of goodies. Hugs


  2. I agree with Patsy-it’s like Brown County!! I, too, love going in shops ‘browsing’ (sp?) around.
    Take care, hope your birthday was wonderful.


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