What a great week: Boston Odyssey, Russell House Tavern, Fiore, Battery Park

What an awesome birthday week! It’s Friday, I’m on my way to work and I am dragging! I haven’t been home before 10pm all week!

On Monday, I went on the Boston Odyssey cruise hosted by Yelp. It rained before the event and right after, but it created a beautiful sunset! 20130802-073312.jpgI got together with friends on Tuesday night for my birthday. I really like Russell House Tavern. 20130802-073324.jpgThere was a lot of storytelling, catching up, and laughing! Danie has been out of town living it up in Cali all summer and is getting married a week from tomorrow!20130802-073334.jpgTonya and Alex joined us and we also went to JP Licks for ice cream!20130802-073341.jpgOn my birthday, Tony and I went to the North End (after attending a pop up picnic which wasn’t what I expected) and had dinner at Fiore. 20130802-073358.jpgThen we walked along the Harbor. I took some pictures with my camera and hope to see those soon.20130802-073406.jpgLast night, Jen and I took Danie out for a mini bachelorette outing. 20130802-073414.jpgAfter dinner, we did a little dancing.20130802-073419.jpgLove my girls!! It was a late night and a rough morning, but totally worth it. I’ll be heading down to Atlanta next Thursday for the wedding.20130802-073430.jpg
What am I doing tonight?! Nothing!



  1. Busy….busy…..busy!!!!! And lovin’ it!!!! I’m so glad you have a GREAT Birthday week!!! (and I’m glad you took off the last evening too)
    Friends are FANTASTIC!!!!


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