3 week re-cap: Wedding Weekend, Haymarket, Photo workshop, Davis Flea

Wow, I can’t believe August is half over already! Where has the summer gone?

A few Saturdays ago, Tony had a guitar lesson to give in Downtown Boston, so I came along and went to the Haymarket to do some fruit and vegetable shopping. I’ve been a few times before and love it. You can get a lot of stuff cheap

I like to take $10 and see what all I can get with it.

I also went to an out-of-state wedding last weekend. Danie got married in Georgia!

Here’s a link to the 350 pictures that I took (after I deleted the bad ones).
Here’s me, Danie, and Becca (Danie’s now sister-in-law who that I used to work with)

And another one of us bridesmaids

Yesterday, I went to Johnny D’s in Davis Square with Danie and Tony

And then went to the Davis Flea (Market).

I took a 3 hour photography class on Saturday morning with Remember Forever and I am getting more comfortable with my DSLR camera. I am really enjoying it. I hope to share more pictures with you. I am taking a night photography this Thursday with Remember Forever and am super excited about that.



  1. When I first saw your picture with the bride I certainly noticed the lovely lady next to her and then realized it was YOU!! I had no idea you were actually in the wedding! You really are beautiful. (inside as well as outside)
    Loved the fresh fruit too.
    Again, your photos are GREAT!!!


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