Big Quiz, Photography class, Taqueria Mexico, Melting Pot

Another fun and exciting week is over and it’s almost the end of the summer.
20130826-085338.jpgI finally made it to the Big Quiz in Harvard Square. I have been wanting to go for almost 2 years. I went with a meetup group and we came in 14th place out if 20 teams, but there were only 3 of us on our team, compared to some teams with 8.
20130826-085754.jpgI’ve been cat siting this week for Danie’s cat while she’s in her honeymoon in Iceland.20130826-085804.jpgOn Thursday, I took another photo class with Remember Forever and this time, it was Night Photography. 20130826-085818.jpgI’ll be sharing some of my pictures and what I learned soon!20130826-085838.jpgOn Friday, we went to one of the best Mexican restaurants that I’ve ever been to. It was called Taqueria Mexico in Waltham. 20130826-085846.jpgOn Saturday morning, Tony had 2 guitar lessons to give in the city, so I tagged along and walked around the South End of Boston stopping by little shops and got coffee. After, we went to the Boston Common and relaxed. Tony played a new guitar that he’s testing out for a company. 20130826-085858.jpg I had lobster a few weeks ago at a restaurant and decided that I wanted to cook them at home. I ordered a huge 24 quart pot from Amazon and it arrived Sat. I went to the grocery store and got 2 lobsters. It was super easy to make but it took forever to get all that water to boil.20130826-085906.jpgMy friend Joanna had her baby on Friday and so Tonya and I made plans to visit her on Sunday. I decided to make strawberry cupcakes!20130826-085913.jpgI had these cute little boxes that I’ve had for a year and so I thought what better time to use them.20130826-085917.jpg
We had date night last night at the Melting Pot. I bought a Living Social deal a few months ago and we finally used it. We had a cheese course, salad, and entree course. It was fun but the service was bad toward the end and the serving sizes were tiny. It reminded us that we want to go back to Shabu Zen for hot pot!20130826-085924.jpg
Hope everyone has a great week and long Holiday weekend!



  1. Hopefully you’ll show us the results of the night photography lessons.
    That Mexican restaurant sure has large servings!! I love Mexican food!
    You looked so pretty on your ‘date’ with Tony!
    I love all the ‘neat’ stuff you do!!!
    Take care,


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