Lobster, Cupcakes, Georges Island, Newport Vineyard

20130922-204305.jpgI’ve been a slacker lately. I’ve been taking pictures and archiving them online, but not great at blogging about things.

I’m doing a photo phone dump.

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make lobster, so we ordered a big pot and got lobsters from the grocery store.
It was super easy to make!20130922-195721.jpg
My friend Joanna had her baby girl. Tonya and I went to visit her, so cute!20130922-195752.jpg
I made strawberry cupcakes and used these cute carriers that I’ve had for a long time.
20130922-195811.jpgOn Labor Day Weekend, we went to Newport, Rhode Island for brunch, a walk along the cliff walk, and to the winery. 20130922-201131.jpgWe just happened to drive by so we stopped at Newport Vineyard. 20130922-201149.jpg
Every Saturday during the summer, there’s a craft market along the Greenway. One Saturday morning, I hit the market when I tagged along with Tony to the city for him to give guitar lessons. I bought 2 pairs of earrings from this vendor. 20130922-201220.jpg
We then took the ferry to one of the Boston Harbor Islands, Georges.20130922-201230.jpg
It’s a small island that was used as a military base in the civil war. There was a small festival going on.20130922-201303.jpgYou can see Boston in the background (and my new earrings).20130922-201310.jpg
We walked around, listened to music, watched people try to skip rocks.20130922-201322.jpg
And I brought cupcakes that I bought the night before from Crumbs Bakery near South Station20130922-201330.jpg
I got a crock pot and we’ve used it every Sunday since- chicken tacos, beef stroganoff, and had chili tonight. 20130922-201337.jpgI went on a brunch cruise last Sunday on the Boston Odyssey.20130922-201351.jpgI brought Marissa with me. We hadn’t seen each other in months!20130922-201402.jpg
We checked out this little Mexican restaurant in Waltham (just a few minutes from Belmont) and the chicken tacos were amazing.20130922-201415.jpgI did some baking, while…..20130922-201423.jpgTony tried to replicate the tacos using the crockpot. They were pretty good!20130922-201437.jpg
We had our company summer outing a few weeks ago and we took the water taxis from work. The Queen Mary 2 was docked at the cruise port. 20130922-201451.jpg
We then had dinner and a casino night where we got to learn how to play craps. 20130922-201500.jpg
I still need to post picture from the fireworks and I also took more pictures on the boat cruise that I want to share.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Wow! Do you ever have any down time? Course it all sounded like so much fun. and of course, good food. You are looking great, like always I might add.


  2. You’re staying busy, busy and busy!!! I Love It!! Tony is great too!
    All the pictures are wonderful, of course. It’s so great seeing you both and hearing all the fantastic ‘stuff’ you do.
    Take care, Lots of hugs and love,


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