Burlington Vermont: Magic Hat Brewery, Lake Champlain, Church Street Marketplace

After spending the morning in Montpellier at the Maple syrup farm, we drove to Burlington.


It was such a nice drive.

We first went to Magic Hat Brewery.


I’ve been to a few breweries before, but this place was pretty funky and artistic. It was dark inside, which made it difficult to take pictures.

We got back in the car and headed toward a chocolate factory (noticing a food/beverage trend here?!?), but we made a detour when we saw we were pretty close to water.

Tony wanted some pictures for his website, so I took a few (maybe a hundred or so).

The “water” as I called it was Lake Champlain. Across it is New York State!


We were sitting there and this couple came up- the guy playing a ukelele.

Tony’s turn with the camera


Then we drove to downtown Burlington and walked around the area called Church Street Marketplace.


We spent a lot of time watching the street performer.

He was really funny.

We walked around more… trying to decide where to have dinner and just decided to drive to the town where our Bed and Breakfast was in.

But we had another detour to the same spot on the water when we saw the sunset. We caught the end of it.

More to come.



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