Projects: Wine Making and Decorating

After visiting Tony’s family for Thanksgiving, he was determined to learn how to make wine. His uncle has been making beer and wine for a few years.

After a lot of research, he decided on a particular kit and starter set that we purchased from Beer and Wine Hobby in Woburn. They were very friendly and knowledgeable.

We started the process on Dec 27th by mixing the grape juice with the yeast and sugar and heated it. It’s called the fermentation process. He had to measure the gravity and take readings every few days. On Jan 3, he transferred it to a secondary fermentation vessel (glass carboy) and it will be left there for a few weeks.20140104-100711.jpg
I took a video and am uploading my first one through my phone. I’m interested to see if it works.
Your browser does not support the video tag
I also wanted to get more decorating done. I have been looking at Pinterest for some ideas.

I started a scrapbook picture frame project on New Years Eve and finished it on Jan 2. 20140104-100833.jpg

The finished project! 20140104-103316.jpg
I also went shopping last weekend and picked up some framed pieces at Michael’s Crafts.



  1. I love the scrapbook picture frame. It looks very nice, but you are talented. I should know since I have some of your other projects. Stay warm sweetie. Sure has been cold here.


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