Hard Rock Cafe Boston


A few weeks ago, I had lunch (and dessert and dinner and dessert again all in one sitting) at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. I’ve lived in Boston for over 3 years now, almost 3.5 really (wow, I can’t believe it) and I never thought about going to the Hard Rock. Every major city has one, but it never crossed my mind as a place to go. Well, that’s different now!


Before I forget, let me tell you about their upcoming free concert celebrating their 25th Anniversary in Boston this week. It’s Wednesday July 9th at 7pm in Government Center and the Spin Doctors are headlining!


The Hard Rock invited us to learn about their new “Made Fresh” menu. They spent a lot of time researching and reinventing their menu. They bought us a selection of items to try.

We started off with their “Aero/Air Mexico” margarita flight and chips and salsa.


And then the food started rolling out.  My favorite was the smokehouse sampler


They gave us a portion of chicken (very tender and moist), ribs, and brisket! The brisket is a staff favorite and it cooked for 14 hours.


They brought out a dessert cocktail to try, the twist and shout.  See the bacon on top?!?  It had Guinness, spiced rum,  Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, dark crème de cacao, chocolate syrup, and salted caramel… oh and don’t forget the bacon bits.


Hard Rock is also famous for its burgers. Each location has a locally inspired burger. We got a sampling of three: veggie, tango (sloppy joe version), and fiesta.


We also got a sampling of dessert!

Apple cobbler, Oreo cheesecake, and  brownie sundae. I was so full!


And then we went shopping!

Consider the Hard Rock Cafe on your next outing. It had so much more to offer than I thought.  The smokehouse items were very good and the desserts were delicious!

Hard Rock Cafe Boston:  It’s on the edge of Faneuil Hall at 22-24 Clinton Street.

Disclaimer: I received this meal for free but these are my own opinions.



  1. You’ve made me very hungry!!! My lunch/supper certainly does NOT compare to The Hard Rock Cafe!!!! WOW!!! This is fantastic!!!
    lots of hugs,


  2. Wow! Everything looked so yummy. Its been a long time since I have eaten there. Believe I need to go back as I like the look of the new menu changes.


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